Vertical Ring Pulsating High Gradient Magnetic Separator

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    November 15, 2015

CHDL series vertical ring pulse-type high gradient magnetic separator is the strongest magnetic equipment with the best performance, state-of-the-art technology at home and abroad. This equipment fundamentally solved the blocking problem of horizontal ring magnetic separator & high gradient magnetic medium, with advantages of high concentration ratio, strong adaptability to feeding ore granularity, density and grade fluctuation, reliable operation, easy maintenance, etc. Achieving concentrate ore with high grade and high recovery rate by picking weak magnetic ore.

Working Principle

Magnetic separator consists of idler wheel, medium box, assembly part of up & low iron cores, excitation coils, ore feeding hopper, concentrate hopper, middle hopper, tailing hopper, concentrate flushing device and pulsation generator.


1.High frequency vibrating mechanism 2.Bottom iron yoke 3.Excitation coils 4.Rortary ring 5.Upper iron yoke 6.Feeding ore hopper 7.Water rinsing hopper 8.Concentrate hopper 9.Middle hopper 10.Tailings hopper 11.Liquid level box 12.Concentrate flushing device 13.Rotary ring driving mechanism 14. Rack
F-Ore feeding W–Water C–Concentrate M-Middlings T–Tailings

Magnet conductivity stainless steel bar medium box or stainless steel mesh magnet medium pile is installed with Rotary ring(4). During mineral selection, rotary ring(4)rotates clockwise, and ore slurry will be fed from feeding hopper(6),then flowing through the circle in rotary ring along gap of upper iron yoke(5),the magnetic medium is magnetized in magnetic field, forming high gradient magnetic field in surface, magnetic particles in ore slurry are attracted to the surface of magnetic medium, rotary ring(4)takes it to the top of nonmagnetic field area, and then washed into concentrate hopper by flushing water of concentrate flusher(12),nonmagnetic particles via inner annulus to outer annulus flow into tailings hopper(10) along gap of bottom iron yoke(2)and then discharged.

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USED RAILS R50-R65/HMS1&2(80%-20%)
Dear Sir, We hereby confirm that we are ready, willing and able to sale the following commodity as per the specification and in the quantity and for the price as specified in the terms and conditions as stated below. This representation is made with full corporate authority and responsibility of our company. COMMODITIES: USED RAILS R50-R65/HMS1&2(80%-20%) ORIGIN: SOUTH AFRICA INSPECTION: SGS AT LOADING PORT BY SELLER YARD INSPECTION COMPULSORY BY THE BUYER BEFORE FINAL CONTRAC IS ENDORSED BY THE BOTH PARTIES. PARKING CONTAINER/BULK PRICE: 250USD/ MT PRICES QUANTITIES PRICES FOR MT CIF ASWP HM SAND USED RAIL 30,000MT X MONTHLY X12 CONTAINER/BULK 250Usd CIF ASWP PAYMENT TERMS 100% IRREVOCABLE TRANSFERABLE, DOCUMENTARY LETTER OF CREDIT WITH ONE MONTH SHIPMENT TOTAL VALUE, PAYABLE AT SIGHT. We are looking forward to hearing from you via email Best Regards. Benjamin. +27789205455

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